About Us

About Us

Define Reality!

Shameless Society is a clothing brand which was born in the depths of London to inherit individuality & style into the urban streetwear scene.

We as a brand emphasise on prodominently inheriting everyday fashion whilst maintaining simplicity and style within our lifestyles. This stems from working with the athletes within our community to stemming to the higher end luxury apparel.

Shameless Soc. Limited was founded by Ignas (Iggy) Gataveckas, a civil engineer from London, as he discovered that the true presentation of your inner self, must never be foreshadowed and represented with body artwork and sleek apparel. 

Whilst maintaining an ordinary lifestyle, we must all be able to grow and prosper to represent our individuality amongst society. Being Shameless is more than just a brand, it is a lifestyle.

Join us in our journey to conquer the fashion scene.


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