Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Shameless Society? 

Shameless Society is a clothing brand created in the roots of London, we emphasise to boost street style and explore the rebellious culture. 

Where Do You Deliver? 

We deliver worldwide from either our European factory or American. Depending on where you are located, this can affect the time band that it will take to deliver your parcel to you. We emphasise on ensuring that your parcel is delivered as soon as possible. 

Does COVID-19 Affect Delivery Time? 

As we are developing a heightened demand on our products, we are aiming to follow the restrictions depending on each country that we deliver to, therefore potentially leading to a slight delay. We mainly work with Royal Mail, therefore they provide a tracking service so you can be able to have an insight on when your package will arrive at your doorstep. We apologise in advance if you experience any delays. Some items such as Hoodies and Accessories are manufactured from our international depots, which may essentially mean that you may experience a longer delivery time, if so, please contact us and we will be happy to assist in any queries you may have.

How Are You Different To Any Other Clothing Brand? 

Shameless Society is more than just a brand, we aim to inspire as many of our customers as possible to be able to 'dare to be different'. We as a brand are made up from people that heavily embrace the urban streetwear scene. We embrace people that are heavily tattooed, indulge in athletic sports, skateboarding oversized apparel. 

For any additional information, please use our 'Contact Us' page with your questions and a member of our team will be happy to assist, alternatively, please email us at Sales@theshamelesssociety.com

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